Sunday, January 31, 2010

Culinary Couture

Bet you thought I had fallen off the baking wagon, huh? No such luck. I took a little last minute trip this weekend and was unable to perform my baking and blogging duties. I have returned more prepared than ever to face what lies ahead. Thanks to Bolete's Things I am the ridiculously proud owner of my very first apron!

Just before we left on Friday, the envelope arrived. When I opened it I was reminded that my friend Angela is abnormally creative. The packaging looked so good I didn't want to open it.

A little hand written note told of a surprise hidden in the pocket of my apron. I had to figure out what she had up her sleeve. She went the extra mile and then some. As I began unwrapping, I was so impressed that it turned out even better than I imagined. Not only an amazing custom apron for myself... but a matching mini apron for my daughter! *Impromptu Photoshoot*

I can't wait to deflect the debris of my baking insanity with this incredible piece of Culinary Couture!

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