Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Welcome to my little experiment in cakery.

Allow me to explain my motivation. A few years ago someone brought "cakies" into the office. They were simply chocolate chip cookies using a yellow cake mix as the dough. A-mazing! I begged for the recipe and have since concocted several flavor combinations. Last year, I was introduced to "cake balls" at a fancy schmancy party. A cake filled truffle. Need I say more? After finding a recipe online, I eagerly awaited the chance to debut my version at our Christmas party. Then came my first attempt at making a rum cake. Maybe it was just the lingering alcohol content, but it sure seemed to make our season bright! We all know that the devil is bad... but it's so good to hear it said that my treats are "The Devil".

So here's the idea. I love baking. I have a renewed interest in cake specifically. But here's where my thoughts veer from the Reality Cake Show path. Hold the fondant! May I be so bold to suggest that we are unaware of the versatile nature of cake? Let us not be so quick to profile it into round, square, tiers, or cups. But let us strive for a social awareness of the unending potential of all things cake-ish!

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