Monday, February 1, 2010

Heart Pounding

The snow came in this weekend and the grocery shelves were bare. We were fortunate enough to get the basics before complete chaos erupted! However, I didn't think ahead to stock up on baking supplies. *GASP* When Sunday rolled around I was completely out of... BUTTER! How can you make cake without butter? I looked over my ingredients on hand. Use what you got, right? I had margarine, but isn't that "frowned" upon in baking? Googley-google... and what did I find but, A Margarine Cake Recipe! The only thing I was missing was lemon juice. I figured it would still work. I "thirded" the recipe and made it in a loaf pan. Success! Yummy pound cake.

Normally I wouldn't frost a pound cake, but I really wanted to give the confectioners sugar recipe another shot. This time I completely omitted the milk. Much better! It was still a bit more runny than I'd like after adding the vanilla, but quite tasty! I used margarine instead of butter so that might have been a contributing factor. I WILL CONQUER A BUTTER CREAM ICING RECIPE! Just you wait.

I must have had cabin fever because I got a last minute, crazy idea to make mini heart shaped cakes. I used a cookie cutter then iced and sprinkled each one. A little rough around the edges but kind of cute anyway. Here's a little peak:

*Big Cheesy Finish* These sweet little things are "heart pounding" good. Get it? Heart shaped pound cakes... Heart pounding!

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