Friday, January 15, 2010

Haitian Cake Take 2!!!

I'll say it before you think it, "Someone needs to send that girl to a Wilton class!" Don't be jealous of my decorating skills. ha!

I made this again today and it was MUCH better.

Here are the changes I made:

- I hand mixed everything with a wooden spoon. (Now I don't have to work out tonight!)
- I used all purpose flour NOT cake flour
- I only used 3 eggs
- I added in the vanilla that they forgot to write into the instructions. (It was listed as an
ingredient but omitted in the preparation directions.)
- I poured it in the round pans as instructed instead of cupcakes
- I baked it for 40 min

And VOILA... much better... I guess it was all my wild improvisatory ideas... Stick with the program, Lani!!!

Then came the icing test. Coconut Pecan, Lemon, White, or Chocolate? So far the results are unanimous... however... There were only 3 of us voting! And the winner is... Drum roll please...


I'm not sure why this combo works so well. In fact the three of us don't consider ourselves "lemony" people. But we all agreed it was best with chocolate close behind! I'm going to make the cake again tomorrow to work up my final recipe. Can't wait!

I just found out a local coffee shop is wanting bakers to coordinate a bake sale for Haiti relief. That's amazing. My goal for the weekend was to find somewhere to do this. I'll keep you posted! I've found a few places online that are doing matching donations as well. So, I'm hoping my little contribution will actually go a long long way! I've challenged friends to consider holding there own bake sale. So far people across the country are jumping in. Stay tuned for more details!

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