Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I leaped blindly into this baking bonanza and frankly, I've got questions. I'm compiling a checklist to help me navigate through this colossal cake crusade. How's that for some alliteration?

So far I've learned that I've got a lot to learn about the science of cooking, the mathematics of measurements, and a little thing they call "technique." I'm afraid that's just the tip of the iceberg. Thankfully, there is a wealth of free knowledge available if you dig a little. I heart Google & The Library! I'm guessing you might have a tip or two to share with me as well. Why don't you go ahead and leave me a little comment if so.

Let's start with the basics. Why is baking so messy? Is there some type of standardized system that I need to know about? I feel like I'm turning circles hunting for that ingredient I forgot to set out. Nevermind the intermittent handwashing if I get things out of order. I just feel like there must be a better way. I've always heard about the "Kitchen Work Triangle." But I don't think my kitchen is set up that way. I'm just winging it... but DEFINITELY open to suggestions on how you do it! Those cooking shows just make it look so so easy... they never show the person fighting the flour bag to put exactly 2 cups of flour in the measuring cup. They just magically have that cute little cup sitting off to the side and daintily add it in at just the right time.

I've quickly learned that aprons are more than a fashion statement... and I need one. I've only been at this for a couple weeks but I am sick and tired of being splashed, splattered, floured, and WORST of all... finding stow away crumbs in my unmentionables. I'm VERY happy to report that I won't have to suffer much longer. I had no idea but, my amazing friend at Bolete's Things makes really cool aprons! She is a ridiculously gifted artist and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw she'd been sewing aprons. I had to order one right away and I am beyond excited... may I even say GIDDY to receive it!

Baby steps... baby steps. If you have any suggestions, tips, or snide remarks about simplifying, organizing, sanitizing, etc... leave me a comment. Please, help me build my checklist!

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