Friday, January 22, 2010

Eat a treat, Save a life.

I have to say I am really proud! I hope these look & taste so good that people will buy them up so we can raise lots of money for Haiti. I'll try to post the numbers as soon as I found out how it goes.

Here are the petite cakes I made for the bake sale. Was pretty pleased with how they turned out!


After (front)

After (back)

Here are the cake balls I made for the bake sale. I was surprised that a little drizzle covers a multitude of misshapen sin!

All dressed up and ready to go out

Back of packaging

This has been a really exciting adventure. It's been so fun to post and I have been really encouraged by your feedback and thoughts. Who knows what is next, but I am so happy to be a tiny little part of helping Haiti by doing something I really love. I'm hoping that there is an amazing turnout at Crema tomorrow 12-5p. Eat a treat, Save a life.


Bolete's Things said...

Yum! It all looks so delicious and I love your packaging and labels! Hope lots of money is raised for Haiti. Have fun.

Kelly said...

Hi, I purchased the cake balls at Crema this weekend and they are wonderful!! I was curious the process for making them. Do you just use some of the baked cake from Haitian cake recipe and add some frosting or is there another tip? They were wonderful and my bf LOVED them. Thanks for helping with the bake sale for Haiti at Crema!

Lani said...

Hey Kelly,

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed them! I did make the Haitian Cake first and then went with the cake ball recipe. You can find the link in my blog entry titled, "Recipes"

I'm thinking of doing a valentine's run so check back for more info!