Monday, January 18, 2010

Bake Sale for Haiti this Saturday!

Well, looks like great minds think alike. Over the weekend a friend let me know that one of the local coffee shops was hosting a bake sale for Haiti and was looking for bakers. I contacted them right away and I'm so excited to participate! If you want to bake something contact Lacey at Crema. If you want to eat a tasty treat the sale is from 12-5p this Saturday Jan 23rd.

All proceeds are going to support Partners In Health. Ironically, our pediatrician was signed up to leave this week on medical mission to Haiti through the same organization. This is an annual visit for her and was planned long before the earthquake. Her trip has been indefinitely postponed until commercial flights are allowed back in. But I know our much needed support will go a long way in aiding the work that is all ready happening there right now.

I made Haitian Cake balls using the cake recipe and mixed it with Lemon Frosting. I dipped some in Chocolate and some in Vanilla.

I preferred the vanilla. My husband preferred neither. haha... I must admit the lemon flavor was a bit overwhelming in the bite size cake balls. So, I think for the final recipe, I'll just go with The Haitian Cake with Chocolate frosting dipped in white Chocolate. That settles it. Why be all fancy? Just go with what you know.

Don't tell my New Year's Resolution but I've been sneaking bites of "Gateau au Beurre" (the second Haitian Cake recipe I found). It is REALLY good. It's not very rummy (In fact you wouldn't even know it was there) and after 3 days isn't dry at all. I'm thinking of doing it in mini pound cakes for the bake sale. I was thinking I might be able to use a perfect brownie or mini loaf pan- neither of which I currently own. But, I think it might work well! Trying to think along the lines of things that will be easy to package individually for a bake sale. Really looking forward to it.

I'm also thinking of holding another bake sale in another month or so like I had originally planned. Right now the Girl Scouts are holding residency in grocery store lobbies (making it difficult for me to find a high traffic location). I was thinking maybe around Valentine's day I could make up baskets or bouquets. Presents with a purpose. I think once they've gone through this initial rescue phase, we'll start to understand the rebuilding needs and there will be a lot of needs still to be met. I hope you guys will consider having a sale and letting me know how it goes!!! For now I can't wait to do my part in our bake sale for Haiti this Saturday!

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