Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Black, It's White... wooo hoooo hoo!

Chocolate cupcakes with a cheesecake filling. Umm....Yes, please! I attempted to make these "Black Bottom Cupcakes" for a little get together this weekend. They looked so good in the display picture, I was very excited. The main thing that caught my attention was that they didn't need icing. Let's face it... I'm not really what you would call a cake decorator... so this was a welcome change.

I made 12 in my metal muffin pan and 6 in my stoneware muffin pan. I actually liked the ones that came from the stone better. They seemed to retain the cheesecake part a lot better. I think I might have had bad technique because my cheesecake didn't fill the middle of the cupcake like the recipe picture showed. Mine spread out over the top of the cake. It wasn't bad, but I'm thinking the "twinkie" type filling would have been better. More concentrated flavor in the middle cylinder instead of a thin coating everywhere. Oh well, better luck next time.

Chocolate and Cheesecake... it's just a winning combination. In the words of the late Mr. Jackson, "It's black, it's white wooo hoooo hoo!"

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