Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweet Wise

So, I have to confess I didn't bake anything this weekend. I was sick and then my sweet little baby got sick. Needless to say the last thing on my mind was baking. I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me. I was feeling a little guilty for not posting anything and then it hit me, I have something VERY blogworthy!

Thanks to my friends at I will be taking my first cake class soon! I am so very excited. Today's deal was a cake class at Sweet Wise. What in the world is Sweet Wise? A magical place in Nashville I never even knew existed! It's like culinary school for weekend cake-ers like me. I can barely contain my excitement.

I can't wait to share all I learn!!! I know it will ROCK. And maybe my treats won't be so homely once I get sweet wise!


erin said...

Hey's Erin...matt's sis! Thanks for your kind words...when I get a chance I can't wait to browse your blogspot:) mine:
maybe someday I'll get a REAL website but until then this works pretty well. Have a blast w/ your fondant many great products out there! Happy day!

jen hunter said...

Hey Lani! Guess what? I got that Groupon, too:) That's what Chad got me for Valentines Day. I'm so excited! I've got 4 months to perfect my cake decorating before I have a "1st Birthday" cake to make:) If you are going solo to the class and want to go with me that would be so much fun!