Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Wise Certified, first ever fondant CrumpyCake!

Friend + Fondant = Fun.
My friend Amanda and I went to our first ever Fondant class at Sweet Wise this weekend. I knew it was going to be fun and we were both like kids in a candy store... well, we really were in a candy store... but you know what I mean! I tried to capture as much as I could so you could see what it was like. The techniques were awesome and it made me feel like I could definitely, possibly, maybe one day make my way into the world of cake decorating. I LOVED that it was so hands on. Literally my hands are still a little tinted from the colored fondant! Fortunately, there was even a technique for discolored hands... I mean... these people think of it all! Here's the condensed version of the two hour class:

First we made the cake topper bows from gumpaste. Colored up and rolled out on the cutting sheet and ready to be texturized!

I rolled a polka dot texture mat over mine and then cut into strips with a pizza cutter to make the loops of the bow.

Kathy (aka Sweet Wise Owner) demonstrating her torting technique to fill and ice the cake with flavored buttercream.

And now for the star of the show... the fondant!

We learned a very cool Sweet Wise original technique... the Mat System! Rolling the fondant in between two mats keeps it from drying out.

It also made for easy transfer onto the cake!

We learned how to smooth out the pleats on the cake. Kind of looks like a giant marshmallow with a skirt on!

After cutting off the collar with a pizza cutter, now it's just a giant marshmallow.

Brush on a little pearl dust, add a border, and top with gumpaste bow and confetti!

VOILA! Sweet Wise Certified, first ever fondant CrumpyCake!

P.S. I would highly recommend taking a Sweet Wise class.
P.P.S. All the tools used are available for purchase at Sweet Wise.
P.P.P.S. If you're wondering what a good gift for me might be... I'd accept a gift certificate to Sweet Wise without much of a fight :)