Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vertically Challenged Cake

I've said that really good cake makes people say, "That is the devil." Consider this oxymoron- you can't really say angel food cake is the devil. Not to stir up too much controversy, but I just don't like angel food cake. Quote me. Seriously, what is so great about it? It's a fluffy, tasteless waste of cake. I guess in all fairness I've only tasted the store bought kinds. Maybe a homemade one would be good. Or maybe other home bakers feel the way I do? Maybe I'm way off and really missing out. Maybe.

Well, now to the point. I cringe when I see strawberry shortcake served w/ angel food cake. Maybe it's because my mom always bought Sarah Lee pound cake. I'm not partial though, I love the kind served on sweet biscuits too. One of my favorites is at Steak and Shake! My friend Jereme would refer to that as "dirty"(meaning- not of a high quality). But it really is good if you haven't ever tried it!

I had plenty of poundcake left over from yesterday. Knowing I had friends at my house who don't mind being guinea pigs every now and then; I stopped on my way home for some strawberries. I sliced, sugared, mixed and served atop a layer of whipped cream. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Emily's piece looked scrumptious-

I COMPLETELY considered it a compliment when Chloe licked her plate! I have to say it is really gratifying when people like what I make. Hip hip hooray for strawberry shortcake. Although these days, to be more politically correct I'm guessing we should be calling it something like Strawberry "Vertically Challenged Cake."

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