Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cupcake Kit

My mom is in town visiting and brought me this gift with the disclaimer that she knew that I liked baking from scratch but thought this kit looked cool. She was right. I think she brought it to keep me busy so she could play with my daughter. (I know why she's really here and I won't pretend it has to do with how cute I am. Haha)

I haven't made anything red velvet yet since I started CrumpyCakes so I thought it would be fun. I think they must have put an entire jug of food coloring in each kit. It was REDiculous!

I don't think I've ever seen a cupcake dome as perfectly rounded as these were. It looks like I shoved a red tennis ball in a foil cup. But I didn't. Don't worry. That really is some freakishly round red cake!

I stylized my cupcake as close to the picture on the box as I could.

Red Velvet and a cold glass of milk... mmmm! Thanks mom, for my cupcake kit!!!

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Amanda said...

Looks delicious, Lani!