Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fondant I - Take 2

Sweet Wise offered the Fondant I class again through groupon recently so I went ahead and bought it for my husband's birthday. He loved the taste of the fondant and gumpaste before so I thought it would be a great excuse to recap my learning. It was either take the class again and have someone coach me through it or spend the same amount or more on the supplies to try it myself. I chose the easy way out. Coach me! Hold my little hand and walk me through it!

One problem... the class is centered around learning to make bow loops. I was hesitant that I could make a bow cake look manly. I pondered earthy color schemes... maybe I could just sneak in my own design while the teacher wasn't looking? Think, think, think!

When we arrived I dug through the gel colors and found a brown and ivory color. I thought that combo could do the trick.

I had a different teacher at this class and while most of it was a review from my first class, I picked up a few more tricks which will come in handy should I ever attempt it on my own! :)

The finished product...

Fondant I - Take 2 ... and that's a wrap.