Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Croissant de Chocolate'

We rented the movie "It's Complicated" last night. I had been reluctant to watch it but after several people insisted it was hilarious, I caved. While it was extremely laughable at times, I knew I should've trusted my instincts and skipped it.

One thing I did like was that Jane (played by Meryl Streep) owns an amazing bakery. It's a small part of the story line but it was a highlight for me. *Now that I think of it... kind of funny considering Meryl's recent role in Julie & Julia. I wonder if she is a foodie in real life?... back to my story.*

When she and Adam (played by Steve Martin) are on a date she makes him Chocolate Croissants. I imagined that would mean the dough would be chocolate. To my delight they made quite a fun evening preparing dough with a pasta machine and rolling two small pieces of chocolate inside. GENIUS! They share warm croissants over coffee and conversation as pictured below:

I knew it was my one good take away from the film!

Tonight some friends of ours came over. I thought it was the perfect time to test my own version out! Let me make one thing very clear. I would LOVE to learn how to make pastries like a professional. I simply have no idea how nor do I have the proper equipment to attempt it. Thankfully, Pillsbury cans solutions for inept bakers like me!

I wasn't exactly sure what type of chocolate would work. It seemed to be rolled in the movie... but I just cut chocolate squares in half and placed them long ways end to end. I did 1/2 of the croissants with Lindt dark cacoa and 1/2 with Cadbury milk chocolate.

I placed chocolate along the edge of the dough:

I rolled them and baked as directed. 11 minutes later:

I really wasn't sure how the chocolate would react. Would it be a runny mess or would it caramelize? The first cut revealed the ooey gooey beauty within:

The flaky, buttery layers were an amazing contrast with the rich chocolate ribbon. Brings a smile to my face and makes my tastebuds water just recounting the wondrous anatomy!

I liked both versions... but my favorite was the milk chocolate. It was such a creamy texture:

Je t'aime un petite Croissant de Chocolate'

(That's my imaginatory French phrase meaning: I love you little chocolate croissant! Yes, I know... almost as bad as adding "-o" to a word to make it sound Spanish. Bear with me!)


Reese Ray said...

That's so cool! Carson and I just watched that movie a few weeks ago too and I though it was really cute, and we were both talking about how yummy those croissants looked. Good idea, I think I just might try it :-)

The Sanders said...

That's so funny! I just watched this movie a couple weeks ago and totally thought of you when they were making the croissants! :)