Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Snap, Krackle, Choc!

By now you know, I don't do plain well. So, when I decided to take rice krispy treats to a little get together, I couldn't help grabbing the mini chocolate chips out of the pantry.

Unfortunately as I was putting the mixture together I realized a little to late that I shouldn't have added the chocolate chips in as early as I did. Not what I had envisioned posting for you all. I imagined a two inch tall square of blond marshmallowy goodness with a few chocolate chips sprinkled in to perfection. Instead... It looked like I made them from Choco Krispies. I was pretty bummed. But I had spared a few chips and sprinkled them in on top.

I wanted straight edges. I had prepared it in a glass pyrex dish with the round edges. So, as I started cutting away the rounded edges I thought, I'll just sample a small piece to make sure it tastes good. And I'll just sample the other corner. And Ill just have a little of this side too. And, I'm sick. :)

Luckily, I pawned them off on my friends and wasn't forced to sample any more. Last I heard one family ate 8! So, even though I considered it an aesthetic flop... the taste was Snap, Krackle, Choc!

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