Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rice. Krispie. Treats.

I just had a baby.  These sounded yummy.  So, I picked up some cereal and a bag of marshmallows.  Then... my husband did a curious thing.  He googled a recipe for rice krispie treats after I couldn't find one on the box.  Someone was bragging about how this was the "best ever" recipe.  Kind of like the gourmet ones you buy in a bakery.   Sure we will give it a try.  Why not.  Browned butter?  Never heard of such.


Do this.  Do yourself a favor and do this:

I love how thick my treats were and also how they were so crisp after being combined with the gooey marshmallow butter mixture.  Aside from the shame of adding an entire stick of butter... I would NEVER want to make them the regular way again.  These are amazing!

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