Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where Is Baby's Birthday Cake?

Happy Birthday to my sweet Ella Cherry!

She turned 1 on Thursday. I made her a cake based on the book "Where Is Baby's Birthday Cake?" by Karen Katz. We read this book everynight the month before her big day and she LOVED it. We would pretend to eat the cake at the end and even sing happy birthday.

As I have mentioned before, I AM NO CAKE DECORATOR! But I figured I could make it happen! I gave it a whirl came up with this.

As you can tell I have issues coloring inside the lines. When I woke up the next morning the icing had melted and fallen down the sides. My husband encouraged me to try again. I'm glad he did. I like the second version much better!

We read the book just before serving her the cake and she didn't skip a beat... just dug in and started eating! A happy birthday for a happy girl!

I wrote the author and sent her pictures of our special day. She wrote back and was excited about the cake and said she would forward on to her publisher because they would get a big kick out of it. She said it looked just like the cake in the book. Well, I wouldn't say exactly, but I'm glad she liked my interpretation of her work.

We had the best day celebrating Cherry's Birthday. Time flies.


Bolete's Things said...

That is wonderful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable cake! And a great inspiration!

I just wanted to let you know about a local bake sale with Nashville food bloggers to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank after the flood. I so enjoyed your Haitian Cake Balls at the Crema bake sale, I thought I'd let you know about this one. I'll be there, but haven't decided what I'm making yet. See my blog ( for more information or, the blogger organizing the event! I know it's short notice, but wanted to let you know!

Lannae said...

Totally funny face girl! She looks so happy to eat her cake!