Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, maybe you've quit reading my blog because there have been no posts lately. I would do the same thing. The truth is, I have still been baking- just not as much. And the things I have been baking are repeats of what I've all ready showcased here. Really, how many times can I post cake balls or guinness cake? really.

Well, allow me to offer an explanation and apology (sort of). You see, CrumpyCakes had begun turning me into PlumpyCakes... well not really. I guess having a baby actually did that, but the baking and tasting wasn't helping the scale numbers descend. Knowing full well that I had a VERY special cake to make for a VERY special girl in the near future made me realize I needed to make a change. So I began rendezvousing with the arch nemesis of CrumpyCakes... P90X.

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to stick with it or not... so I didn't tell many people I was starting it... but I've been doing it for more than 7 weeks now and am pretty close to my goal. Basically I traded baking time for exercise time. And just squeezed in the baking on the side here and there for friends.

However, as I mentioned before I've been eagerly anticipating making Cherry's 1st Birthday Cake for quite a while now. A month ago I purchased this adorable book to start prepping her for a birthday party. (Who knows what that even means?) Every night we read "Where is Baby's Birthday Cake?" by Karen Katz.

She loves it. It's a lift flap book that takes you on a little treasure hunt looking behind the chair, in the refrigerator, etc... until you finally find the cake in the living room! Then we pretend to eat the cake. And I sing happy birthday to her.

Her actual birthday is Thursday and I thought I would make her a smash cake that looks like the cake in the book. As you know, I'm no cake decorator... but it should be fun and I'll be sure to post pictures!

Then we are doing a cupcake bar for her party on Saturday... lots of fun ideas there and I'll also provide pictures of that.

I've been debating whether or not I'll eat some cake on her birthday because I've been so vigilant in my healthy eating habits... but then my husband threatened, "You're going to eat cake on her birthday or I will tell her every year until she's old and wrinkly that you wouldn't eat cake on her 1st birthday." I guess that settles it.

Surely just one little bite won't send me back to PlumpyCakes! ;)

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