Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Open Bar. Cupcake Bar, that is.

For Cherry's 1st Birthday Party on Saturday, we did a cupcake bar. It was so fun and I got lots of compliments on the idea. I thought it suited her little personality so well! We had a great time celebrating.

Here were the cute little invitations:

The Cupcake Tower featured Butter, Strawberry, and Chocolate cupcakes. Cherry's cupcake was the topper. A strawberry cupcake w/ chocolate frosting, flower sprinkles, and her "1" candle.

I decorated each tier with some adhesive ribbon I found at Michael's. We made our own cupcake wrappers from a variety of scrapbooking paper using a template I found online.

Frosting choices were Buttercream, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cream Chese, and of course... Cherry! I actually didn't know that there was Cherry flavored frosting. It was interesting... worked good on the chocolate cake. We also set out chocolate and caramel sauces. YUM!

Toppings were gummy bears, oreo crumbles, flower sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, and of course... cherries!

The Full spread.

Endless Cupcake Combinations!!!

My personal favorite was a chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting and oreo crumbles on top. You just can't go wrong. And yes, I definitely had a sugar hangover the next day from the open bar.


The Sanders said...

So cute! Looks like it was yummy! :D

Renate said...

This is what I want to do for my party! I've had the idea forever and now I have a good idea how!