Friday, June 18, 2010

Lobster Tails for Father's Day.

So, it's not really cake. But, it's not seafood either.

Lobster Tails.

I saw these on Cake Boss the other night and my husband mentioned that he would love to try them. With Father's Day coming up, I decided that I should give them a whirl. To google I go...

And found the instructional video! Yippy... We'll celebrate Father's Day like never before!

Then I realized that it showed the steps, but not a recipe.

To Google I go...

First, The Cream Puff Mix:

Then, The Pastry Mix:

Lastly, The Filling:
Now in the video he mentioned that the filling was ice cream like. A combination of custard cream and whipped cream. So, I used the custard recipe from the cream puff mix and we made whipped cream and mixed the two together.... Success! A very tasty cream!

Our homemade version of Lobster Tails. Well they actually turned out more like oysters.

To be honest, I'd rather just take a trip to Carlo's and buy them instead of trying to make them ever again without a real recipe. Alot of work, and a little disappointing that they didn't turn out exactly like I hoped, but it was a VERY fun night of baking/construction with the sweetest Dad I know...

my husband, Jody!

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