Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Take 2

Well, I had to redeem the Lobster Tail flop. My husband is pretty plain jane when it comes to food in general, so I knew a butter cake with chocolate buttercream frosting would really float his father's day boat. But, every part of my baking heart just screams out..... "BORING!!!!!" How can I crump this thing up?

Well, I posted a picture of bakerella's layer cake a while back... and I thought I could give it a try and satisfy my urge to "improve" a classic cake.

6 Layer Cake. Done.

I used my 6" pans from Cherry's birthday and baked 3 butter cakes and then cut them each in half. (Or so I thought) Chocolate buttercream in between each layer and Voila... an amazing looking Tall Cake!

I was nervous to cut into it. Clearly, my "halving" skills need some work... but it was at least fun to see ribbons of icing throughout each bite... and though I only had a sliver of a slice... it was Sooooooo good. Jody even went back for seconds which rarely happens. Plain Jane Classic... you really can't go wrong.

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