Monday, April 12, 2010

Bakers Block?

Yes, I have significantly slowed down on my baking posts. I have been baking but I have been doing repeats in large part due to the high scoring reviews I've received. And it's so easy to go with what you know. You know?

Maybe I have bakers block. Maybe I need some new ideas. My focus has kind of drifted from my original goal of making all kinds of cake in all sorts of ways. But in reality, I am still taking baby steps in that direction. The truth is before January I had never baked a from scratch cake successfully. So I find that just learning the structure of scratch baking has been a huge adventure.

I made these cupcakes tonight. Well, I wouldn't suggest eating them. But I do have a recipe.

Paper Cakes

1 Martha Stewart cupcake punch (Available at Michael's craft store)
2 sheets of decorative paper
1 pkg of small ornamental doodahs

Mix well and.... VOILA!

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Bolete's Things said...

So lovely! I understand the "Block" thing very well. I am going through that right now too. Keep creating though, whether it is baking or whatever! Love you.