Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'O My Guinness

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I tried a recipe I was challenged to make. Sounds weird... but Guinness Cupcakes really are good. My friend suggested they be called pint cakes instead of cupcakes.

Chocolate Cake with a hint of Guinness topped with a Cream Cheese froth. 3 out of 4 agree they are good! (We think he might have been smuggling sips of guinness which impaired his voting abilities.)

The cake itself isn't too sweet. The hint of flavor is really good. I tried half without icing and then half with. I loved the way the cream cheese paired with it. And how fitting that the glaze looks so frothy. All in all a very festive cake. Sooo fun. 'O My Guinness!


Jeremy said...

For starters, I ate the whole cake and didn't feel any buzz from the Guinness, so right off the bat I'm a bit disappointed!

Just kidding. I was so not disappointed! The cake was so so so good! It was such a good texture and density, and not crazy sweet. I tried and tried but didn't really get much of a Guinness taste, so maybe next time you could double or triple that part of the recipe?

Anyway, thanks for the cake!

Bolete's Things said...

you are so talented and dedicated! yum yum yum!