Monday, March 1, 2010

Naticakes, Naticakes...

I was finally able to actually eat at Naticakes this weekend with my mom and a friend. The shop is just perfect for downtown Franklin. So Shabby Chic.

Since there were three of us we each picked one we'd like to try and shared. Tuxedo (chocolate/vanilla icing), Dark Mint Chocolate (dark chocolate/mint flavored icing), and the unanimous favorite... Dulce de Leche (Vanilla with caramel filling/ butter cream icing drizzled with caramel) YUMMMMMMMMY.

We really enjoyed the icings. They were so light - almost like mousse or whipped cream. (I'm telling my self that also means that they are light in calories and fat!) A welcomed change to the typical top heavy specialty cupcakes in most bakeries.

If you are local, make sure you stop by and if you are from afar... next time you're in town remind me to take you to "Naticakes, Naticakes..."

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